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Feds reveal finalists for maglev train route between Baltimore and D.C.
Date: 2/5/2018

The Federal Railroad Administration narrowed its list of possible routes down to two for a high-speed magnetic levitating train that would travel between Baltimore and Washington in just 15 minutes.

Both of the proposed routes for the 300-mile-per-hour train would run next to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The Northeast Maglev, the company pushing for the train, and Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail, the company that would develop it, have been working with the Federal Railroad Transportation and Maryland Department of Transportation since 2016 on planning the project and drawing up an environmental impact statement.
High-speed rail construction in Maryland may not be far away
Date: 2/2/2018

Japan’s high-speed rail is one of the world’s fastest train systems, and plans to bring that to Maryland continue.

“We are essentially down to a corridor of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway,” said Maryland Secretary of Transportation Pete Rahn.