Econimic Development Development Services Real Estate Services


Development Services

Specialized.  Expertise and innovation.

Collaboration.  Work with local governments and MDOT business units (aviation, motor vehicle, port, highways, transit, and toll facilities) to determine real estate needs and opportunities.
Site assessments.  Determine transit and infrastructure requirements for potential market ready development sites.
Deal structuring.  Mitigate State risks with local governments and private developers. 
Implementation.  Facilitate Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects.


Economic Development

Economic development strategies are unique to community needs -- urban, suburban and rural -- with transportation as the basic infrastructure supporting housing and employment opportunities.
Economic development is community development.   

Real Estate Services

ORED is responsible for disposing of those properties owned by MDOT that have been determined to be excess to the agency’s needs and that are stand-alone parcels, meaning primarily that they have road access (the TBU’s have responsibility for disposing of non-standalone parcels). Typically, the properties that ORED receive for disposition are owned by SHA. 

In addition, ORED is responsible for managing the process by which properties being offered for disposition by the TBU’s are cleared for disposition by MDOT (referred to as “the clearance process”).